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Nilgiri Tahr
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

'Neelakurinji" the once in 12 year spectacle!

Yes!It was the year of "Neelakurinji",the flower which blooms only once in 12 years!That too in Idukki district of Kerala.The last time it bloomed was in 2006.We were there at that time to witness the flowering.

Neelakurinji or Strobilathes Kunthianus

After 12 years came 2018!But what an year it turned out to be.Kerala saw the worst floods to hit mankind in centuries.The road to Munnar (where you can see "Neelakurinji") were disrupted several times.Bridges collapsed,roads caved in and people living in that area experienced their worst nightmare.

2006 was when the "Neelakurinji"bloomed last

Kerala has seen unusual rainfall in 2018.The dams were full and the authorities were forced to open the sluice gates of most of the dams.This lead to unusually excess amount of water to flow into the rivers and thereby flooding the plains.

But at last Kerala breathed a sigh of relief and the water level receded.Munnar's roads were operational and the tourists flowed to the hill station.But I reckon that the inflow of tourists were much below the expected levels and much lower that that seen in 2006.

The "Blue Flower" is so beautiful

To read more about "NeelakurinjI or "Strobilanthes Kunthiana" please click on the following link.

Finally we made our move towards Munnar in November 2018.I made the safari bus booking online and reached the entrance to Eravikulam NP right on time.We boarded a mini bus operated by the forest department and reached Eravikulam NP.

Yes!...2018 was the year of Neelakurinji

The season was coming to a close and the flowers were on the withering stage.But still we enjoyed the spectacle and spend a few hours.The Nilgiri Tahrs were conspicuous by their absence but the "Neelakurinji" flowers more than compensated for that.

It was a fulfilling experience and we were glad that we could make the trip.We made it in 2006 and we made it in 2018.

Now we need to wait till 2030!

See you in 2030!