Nilgiri Tahr

Nilgiri Tahr
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eravikulam National Park....Munnar

A Male Nilgiri Tahr A View from the Park

Eravikulam National Park in Munnar is world famous and information about this park is easily available.Still I thought I would share my experience of the numerous visits to this magnificient abode of the endangered Nilgiri Tahrs.


Neelakurinji......Blooms once in 12 years only.Next season 2018.....

Eravikulam National park is siruated in Idukki district of Kerala and is roughly 145kms from Cochin.From Munnar town it is 15km away.The park is around 97 in area.The endangered Nilgiri Tahrs live here and the park is also famous for the "Neelakurinji" (Strobilanthus Kunthiana) flower which blooms only once in 12 years.The last time they were in full bloom was in 2006.

Neelakurinji(Strobilanthus Kunthiana)

The Nilgiri Tahrs are ungulates seen mainly in Nilgiri Hills and southern Western Ghats.It is also known as Nilgiri Ibex or just Ibex.In Malayalam it is called 'Varayadu".It belongs to the goat family.Around 800 of them roam the terrains of the Eravikulam National Park.The park is made of high rolling hill plateau with an average elevation of 2000meters.The highest peak south of Himlayas,Anaimudi(2690m),is within the park.

Eravikulam National Park

The raod from Munnar to Eravikulam is in good condition and on both sides you can see tea plantaions.There is a beautiful ground on the left side with a nice pitch in the middle.A serene river flows around the ground.Plastics are prohibited inside the park and a nominal fee is collected to enter the park.
On way to the Park....

The Nilgiri Tahrs are slow movers and photographing them are quite easy.With a medium range zoom lens good pictures can be taken of the Tahrs.The females outnumber the males and sighting male Nilgiri Tahr is a rare opportunity.The calving season is in February and the Park remains closed for visitors for 45 days from Feb 1st onwards.

View from the Park....

The other animals found in this park includes the Gaur,Indian Muntjack,sambar Deer,golden Jackal and Jungle cats.132 types of birds have been recorded from this place.

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