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Nilgiri Tahr
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Athirapally.....A Kerala Rainforest

Athirapally.....Verdant and Pristine

Athirapally waterfalls is a very  famous destination for tourists and naturelovers alike.Its thick canopy of greenery and crystal clear waters attracts the whole family.For me the most impressive attraction is the Chalakkudy River which flows with all its glory here.The river is unusually wide here and and meanders thru thick forest which reinvigorates the souls of everybody.

It was time for us to make our trip to Athirapally and on a Saturday afternoon we reached the pristine location.The temperature was high(around 32 degree C)but he crystal clear and not so cool waters of the Chalakkudy river helped to soar our spirits.

I have decided that if I visit Athirapally again,the only indulgence I would engage myself is to dip in the water from dawn to dusk

Sholayar Dam(Kerala)

The road from Angamaly to Athirapally vis Ezhattumugham in not in good condition.But Ezhattumugham is also another place which will cool down the excess heat you have aquired because of the scorching sun.
A Trek to the top of the Athirapally falls is an experience in itself.It may take an hour to climb up toe top of the falls and come back.Of course that depends on how time you want to spend on the top.Some tourists want to come back only when it becomes dark
Vazhachal is a further 5kms from Athirapally falls.At vazhachal the river flows over a wide rock formation and the currents look intimidating.Bathing here is highlydangerous and one must find more calm waters upstream of downstream.
If you have decided to move forward from Vazhachal towards Sholayar and Walpara then pristine forest awaits you.In this route you follow the river upstream and there are locations where it looks like white water.

Athirapally from top of the falls...

Whitewater.......Near Sholayar

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